The Clover Manifesto

Let’s be honest. The financial advice industry doesn’t have a good reputation. It’s somewhere just above Used Car Salesman, and just below Politician (seriously). And from where we’re sitting, that reputation is pretty well deserved.

History is filled with examples of financial institutions charging exorbitant fees, tangled webs of kickbacks, and just generally not doing right by the customer.

Which is a shame.

Because the evidence shows that wise investing is incredibly effective at building and compounding wealth over time.

But the type of investment service we wanted to recommend to friends and family didn’t exist in Australia.

So we built it.

Our mission is simple: to make personalised investing accessible to all Australians, regardless of age, income, or net worth. Make it simple to get advice, to implement that advice, and to compound your wealth over time.

We believe the best way to grow your money is to set a goal, invest smartly (low-cost diversified portfolios!), automate your deposits, and hold for the long term. Clover makes it easy to do just that.

Here’s what we’re on about:


We do what’s in the best interests of our users, always. Even if that means recommending they’re not ready to invest with us due to their financial situation.


Our algorithms are complex, but we aren’t. We strive to make investing clear, simple, and easy to understand.


No commissions. No kickbacks. We show our exact fees up front and don’t charge extra for advice, account opening or closing, or rebalancing. Our business model is transparent, and our advice is too: when the market is moving dramatically, we help investors understand and achieve the best returns.


Our platform uses the highest level of encryption and data protection. And we never ask for your bank details or to access to your personal banking accounts. Instead, you’ll set up an account with Macquarie, a third-party custodian, where your investment assets are held in your name.


It shouldn’t be a pain to get investment advice. It should be intuitive, friendly, and yeah, maybe even delightful. So that’s how we’ve redesigned the process: No faxing documents, no “please print and mail”. Online, convenient, easy to use.


With every line of code we write and every decision we make, we’re aware of the trust being placed in our hands. That means a lot. Because our investors are our teammates, our friends, and our family members. And we’re looking after their money. Every day, we’ll continue to build that trust, and continue improving Clover simple, low-fee way to build your wealth.

You can try it our here:

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