5 money-saving hacks you’ll actually use

money saving hacks

There are some discounts you will never use, like those on the back of your Woolworth’s shopping docket. And then, there are those are truly hidden gems. Sharing is caring, so here are the our top money-saving hacks that you could benefit from.

Member discounts from your health insurance company

It’s not a ground-breaking discount but have you checked out the member benefits you get from your health insurance? Apart from $13.50 movie tickets (for any day, not just Tuesdays) and discounts on gym memberships, there are serious discounts that most of us would probably use. Or should use…

Here are some of the member discounts offered by Medibank Private and Bupa.

Price beat policies

This one takes a bit of work but for big ticket items like travel, white goods, furniture and electronics, it’s completely worth it. Several big retail companies like Harvey Norman, Jetstar and Myer offer price match or price beat discounts – saving you not just money, but time too if you going to buy it cheaper online.

The secret to making price match or price beat policies work in your favour is to be organised and patient. You’re going to have to demonstrate that the item or service you want is available from a competitor for less, and then wait for this to be verified by the company offering to price match or beat.

And if you feel embarrassed asking for a price match or price beat, don’t be – the staff are used to it.

Cut your utility bills

This one is inspired by the Scott Pape from the Barefoot Investor. He suggests calling up your electricity/gas/internet/insurance company and ask if they can do any better on the rate you’re currently paying. It’s even more effective if you’ve asked for quotes from their competitors.

You can also do some quick online research (it takes 5 minutes) to do this on the Energy Made Easy website for your electricity and gas bill.

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Get cash out from supermarkets

Seriously. Stop. Paying. ATM. Fees. It may take you an extra five minutes to walk there, but head to your closest Coles or Woolworths even and you can get cash out for FREE. You don’t even have to buy something!

Borrow your books

When was the last time you visited your local library? Never? Better now than never! Did you know that several local libraries now let you borrow ebooks for free? You don’t even have to go to the library to get them on your phone/tablet anymore.

Stock up on the latest ebooks and use your daily commute time to expand your mind and career prospects. Or just zone out with your favourite novel.

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And there you have it. Five easy money-saving hacks to set you on your way. Use one or use them all, but hopefully we’ll save you a penny or two along the way! 

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