8 things that are worth splurging on

things worth splurging on

While a lot of the time we may preach the thrifty lifestyle with all of our helpful budgeting and money saving posts (only so you can reap the rewards of good saving habits and profitable returns, mind you), there are definitely some things worth spending good money on (and we’re not talking about double shot lattes).

Here are eight everyday items worth splurging the extra cash on.

A Good Mattress

As many of us have no doubt experienced, crummy mattresses can lead to lost sleep and sore backs. A prolonged lack of sleep can even chew into a our productivity levels at work, and of course poor sleeping postures can lead to long term back problems. All of which means that a good mattress is an excellent investment and not something that should be skimped on.


You’ve got the bed, now dress it up! A goose down quilt, some high thread count sheets, a memory foam pillow or two – if it’s going to improve the quality of your sleep and thus give you more energy throughout the day, it’s worth it. Is there anything more comforting than snuggling between soft egyptian cotton bedding as you turn in for the night?

Quality bedding is an investment in the rejuvenative powers of rest so pony up the dollaroos for some decent zzzz’s.  

Kitchen Knives

There are actually a lot of kitchen utensils that shouldn’t be skimped on, because they’re things you use on a daily basis, but a good kitchen knife can last forever. Being able to slice and dice efficiently will save you hours of fruitlessly chopping tomatoes and your organic free-range grass-fed biodynamic chicken, and it will be a lot safer for you and your family.

And don’t forget to give your knifeware some TLC every now and then by getting them professionally sharpened.

Quality Meat

This one is oddly specific but it does make a huge difference. Skip your local supermarket altogether if you can and hit your local butcher, or better still your local farmer’s market. Their prices may be a teeny bit higher but the quality is infinitely better and chances are the farmers who produced the meat are being better compensated. It’s a win for your plate and for your conscience.

Fresh Produce

It’s the same for fruit and veggies. If you have time to detour to a farmer’s market, your wallet may not thank you but your body will.

The taste sensations that await you will leave you in no doubt that the shortest route from paddock or veggie patch to plate is invariably the best, especially when it’s accompanied by the pride of those growing it sustainably, organically and with love.


Never pass on another opportunity to learn something. Books aren’t only a way of educating ourselves, but they’re on opportunity to take a break from day-to-day stresses of life and help us maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Fortunately, books don’t have to be expensive. You can grab them for a song at second-hand book stores, or even for nothing at a local book exchange. You can also invest in a Kindle and pay a fraction of the cost for a digital version of the book, plus you’re also doing your bit for the environment by doing so.

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Quality Shoes

Like mattresses, you spend a lot of time on your feet and in your shoes. Investing in a good pair of hooves can literally change your life, especially if you spend most of your day on the go.

You should splash some cash on shoes that are comfortable, versatile and can handle a hard day’s work. It’s also important to keep them in good nick, because if you treat ‘em right, they can last a lifetime (or a solid year or two).

A Good Computer

A laptop or computer is a damn expensive purchase, but do you know what’s even more expensive? Having to replace them every couple of years. Basically you get what you pay for when it comes to technology.

If you toss a couple hundred dollars at a secondhand notebook, don’t be surprised if it crashes at the least opportune time (like when you’re about to deliver that deal pitch of a lifetime). Save yourself some time, money (and potentially the loss important documents!) by splurging on a good quality laptop or notebook that can see you through at least four to five years.

So while it’s good to save money where you can can by opting for a cheaper alternative, sometimes it’s worth splurging on the more expensive option because the direct benefits can often far outweigh the few dollars you might otherwise save. Being penny wise but pound foolish is no way to max your life, so spend when you need to on the things that really matter.

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