6 budget-friendly ideas for Valentine’s Day


Heart shape made with heart-shaped candies

Call us romantics, but if you have someone special in your life, you should be celebrating that love on a regularly basis – not just on Valentine’s Day. The smaller gestures make a big difference. However, we don’t blame you if you want to take that special someone out for a date this Valentine’s Day. But no need to spend a fortune because that’s not what romance is about.

Here are 6 budget-friendly ideas on how to spend your Valentine’s Day.

Slow walks on the beach with ice cream

It’s a stereotype for a reason – it’s romantic, intimate and not expensive at all. Even though Valentine’s Day falls on a Wednesday, the sun won’t set till 8-9pm, so if there’s a beach nearby…

Cook a gourmet dinner together

Don’t just share a meal together – make it together as a team. Pick a recipe, buy the ingredients and cook up a culinary storm yourselves for a cheaper and (potentially) funnier Valentine’s Day experience. Heck, we’d share that on our Instagram stories.

Say it with a card

The time and effort it takes to choose a card, write something meaningful and hand it to someone is not to be underestimated. Some might even say that it’s more valuable than the present itself. Cards range from $1 – $8, but if you pick the right one and share something authentic – it’s absolutely priceless.  

Picnic at the park

Whether you do takeaway Thai with beer or a fancy spread of cheese and deli meats, a picnic at your local park is a no-fail (just weather-dependent). Don’t forget the insect repellent and serviettes!

Drive somewhere scenic

A good tune. Snacks for the ride. Timed for optimum sunset viewing. This is a classic date night idea. There are many scenic routes across Australia along the coast, through the mountains and even down into the countryside. Slow drives with great company almost always ends up with deep and meaningful conversations, so this is perfect, especially for newer relationships.

Plan something for the weekend

It’s a great feeling knowing that you have exciting plans for the weekend, especially when it’s hump day. Instead of competing with everyone else on Valentine’s Day, plan something for the weekend instead. But maximise on this opportunity – tell them you have something planned to keep the anticipation for the weekend.

Not to sound cheesy but it’s the thought that counts. With the right person, you shouldn’t be embarrassed to plan something budget-friendly. Most of the time, more expensive dates require less effort so you’re paying for the time and effort you’d ordinarily spend planning the dates. This is the same with so many things in life and why they say, the best things in life are free.