This March, #startsomethingnew with Clover

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Women can make amazing investors but many still feel that it’s out of their reach or too risky.

We sat down to chat with Rebecca Pritchard, Financial Coach and Gladiator at Wealth Enhancers, to talk about why women need to be investing and what they can do to start.

“It’s so important for women to be thinking about investing their money, it’s so important for everyone to be thinking about investing their money.”

Gladiator and financial guru Rebecca Pritchard from Wealth Enhancers doesn’t mess around when coaching her clients on how to best achieve their financial goals.

“Analysis paralysis is just going to weigh you down,” says Rebecca. “I tell my clients you need to get over it and just start investing.”

Watch Rebecca share her top 3 tips women can do today to start investing.

This March, #startsomethingnew with Clover.

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