6 finance apps that make your life easier


As you’re answering emails or responding to Slack notifications on the go, you may wonder if devices like the smartphone really make your life better. But, there’s little doubt that in many ways, they can make life easier.

Need to know what time it is in New York? “Hey Siri!”

Like it or not, our phones and tablets mean that answers are in the palm of our hands.

So why should it be any different for our finances?

The seamless way in which young people integrate technology is a serious opportunity when it comes to making, saving, investing and managing money.

Unfortunately, finding the best apps to help do that is a little trickier. Did you know that if you were to count up all the apps offered in the leading app stores, you’d probably burnout at the 2 million mark?

So we’ve done the hard work for you and hand-picked some of the very best finance apps that will make your life easier AND better starting from today.

You’re welcome!


Many savvy young people who share housing and need to keep track of their income and spending habits, just love Splitwise.

Everyone can individually log in, keep track of balances, add expenses and control notifications – like when a bill is due. It’s particularly handy for tracking debt and keeping tabs on runaway spending as it automatically figures out who’s spending the most, who owes what, and how housing bills and expenses for joint trips should be split.


For a personal finances tracking app you can really trust, tap and download TrackMySPEND.

How are we so sure it can be trusted? It’s the work of none other than ASIC – Australia’s Securities and Investments Commission that is basically our corporate regulator. Now that’s some serious cred.

TrackMySPEND is perfect for recording expenses and creating (and sticking to) a household budget. Insert upcoming events like weddings, work trips or even a coffee over lunch, and TrackMySPEND will help sync it all with your customised spending limits.

Separate ‘needs’ from ‘wants’ for potential savings, set limits for luxuries, and get reminders sent to your text message inbox – and so much more.

IOU – Debt Manager

If you’re like most Australians, you probably have some debt. That’s why it’s imperative to keep a good handle on your debt. Enter IOU – Debt Manager.

It doesn’t just track your own debt, it keeps tabs on any debt that’s owed to you. And not just money – you can also track stuff you’ve loaned a mate and don’t want to forget about.

With a simple layout, IOU is easy enough to help roommates who share expenses, and powerful enough to assist freelancers and even small businesses.


Use finance apps to help you with your job – whether it’s running small businesses, working as sales people, or travelling for work.

Expensify is a great one for photographing and storing receipts, tracking time and mileage, and keeping tabs of rate-based expenses as well as currency conversions.

As a bonus, it syncs beautifully with many of the top platforms used every day by business savvy people, including Excel, SalesForce, Xero and more.


Ever heard the idiom ‘Nothing is certain but death and taxes’? That’s why you should bite the bullet and do your tax stuff the easy way with the Australian Tax Office app.

No one likes tax, but we do like the way the app handily organises your tax and super and comes packed with useful tools. Getting your stuff ready for tax time is easy with the myDeductions tool, and you can also use the tax withheld calculator, grab an early prediction about what your return will look like, and check out videos and checklists to help with your SMSF.


You didn’t think you’d get to the end of the list without reading a little plug for Clover, did you?

When it comes to investment management made easy, we think we’re the best in the business. Our fees are low, we automatically rebalance your portfolio, keep your money safe with bank-level security, and have SRI options for all portfolios.

Ok, it’s true you don’t need to download the Clover app to start investing. But Clover customers are invited to dip into the App store or Google Play to easily see their portfolio asset allocation, view monthly contributions and more. You get it all with fingerprint, PIN and facial recognition protection – so get started with confidence today.

But don’t just take our word for it – there are hundreds of great finance apps out there that will help you get your finances on track and start building for a wealthy future. Happy downloading!