Clover’s awesome (and very generous) referral program


What was the last gift you gave one of your mates or a family member? A bottle of wine? Chocolates? A gift voucher? Maybe an Amazon Alexa?

These are all nice ideas (and we admit the Alexa is pretty cool) but here’s the thing – none of these gifts help someone reach their financial goals. They also don’t really help you out either. You know what does both? Your $5,000 Clover referral code.

Give the gift of Clover and help someone along in their investing journey.

When you refer a friend using your Clover referral code and if that friend becomes a customer and funds their account, then you’ll both receive up to $5,000 in assets managed for free for life. Best of all, there’s no cap on the number of referrals!

Say what? Explain that again with an example…

Sharon is a Clover customer with $10,000 invested. She refers her mate Nate to Clover using her referral code. Nate becomes a customer so he and Sharon both get up to $5,000 in assets managed for free, forever. This means Sharon now only pays management fees on $5,000 of her investments, because ($10,000 – the referral discount of $5,000) = $5,000 managed for free.

Meanwhile, Nate starts with $2,500 (the minimum) invested because he’s not sure what this Clover thing is all about. Because he signed up using Sharon’s code, Nate also gets up to $5,000 in assets managed for free. So, he isn’t paying ANY management fees to Clover…at least until he invests more than $5,000 and then he can refer his mates and so on.

Back to Sharon. She’s thrilled that she’s paying less in fees, and she knows it’s her mum’s birthday coming up. Sharon tells her mum about Clover and her mum becomes a customer. Now Sharon gets another $5,000 in assets managed for free.

Because Sharon has referred two customers she receives up to $10,000 ($5,000 + $5,000) in assets managed for free. Since her Clover balance is $10,000, this means Sharon doesn’t pay ANY management fees to Clover. Plus, her mum also gets $5,000 in assets managed for free.

Wait. Does this mean I can keep referring people and never pay any management fees to Clover?

Yep, you sure can.

This sounds too good to be true! What’s the catch?

There is no catch. As with all things Clover, there’s no hidden contracts or fees. As long as your referral remains a customer, your discount applies.

Wow, this IS really awesome and generous! How do I refer someone?

To refer someone you’ll need them to sign up to Clover using your unique referral code. Once they’ve joined Clover and transferred their initial deposit you’ll start saving!

To find your personal referral code visit the “Refer a friend” section on your Clover dashboard.


If you have any more questions about our referral program, check out our Terms & Conditions.

Now go forth and spread the word!


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