What are the best ways to use your tax refund?

Ah yes, tax time. The time of year when we’re filing all of our hard-earned income to our friends at the ATO. If you’ve already filed and have received (or a due to receive) a refund then you’ve undoubtedly got some nifty ideas on where to spend your cash.

Here at Clover, we’ve utilised some incredibly complex mathematical modelling to create our Happiness vs. Time formula, and applied it to some real-life examples. Prepare to be astounded!

Deposit on a new vehicle

That “new vehicle” smell – is there anything better? Well, yes quite a lot actually…but let’s roll with this. You could use your refund to put a deposit towards a new vehicle. According to the car commercials we see, buying a new car will:

  • Make you feel empowered as you race along a windy ocean road
  • Bring you oodles of happiness as you comfortably tote your friends to the beach
  • Let you take your shiny new SUV on an off-road adventure

But as time goes on you’re either a) paying off the remainder of your car loan at an interest rate from 8% – 16% or b) if you had enough to pay the car in full then congratulations – you’ve bought a rapidly depreciating asset. Not to mention the costs of ongoing maintenance, fuel, insurance, etc. Don’t forget that you’ll only use a car 10% out of your day, which means the other 90% of the time it’s sitting there…going down in value.

Collagen lip injections

Hey, we’re not here to judge. Just ask yourself if “Kardashian by injection” is really a solid investment if you have to splurge a few hundred bucks every month? Not to mention you’ll feel like a human pin cushion.

Buying a pizza oven

Wow, a pizza oven! Just think of all the pizza parties you’ll have – not to mention how it’ll increase the value of your home.

Wait, how do you use this thing? Guess you’ll need to watch a few hours of YouTube videos to figure that out.

Uh, it takes HOW long to get the ideal temperature?

Oh yeah, it also gets REALLY hot so that limits where you can put it without burning your house down. Plus, how often are you really going to eat pizza? Does it actually taste that much better than cooking it in a gas oven?

Then you find out that you’ll have to get rid of it when you sell your house because the new buyers are lactose intolerant/celiac/don’t like pizzas.

New outfit for Melbourne Cup

If buying extravagant hats and nice dresses are your thing (and we admit – they’re pretty cool) then this new outfit will bring you lots of happiness. Until someone spills beer on you. Even worse, some jerk jettisoned his lunch on you after too much indulgence. You know that smell never really gets out right?

Investing with Clover

It’s affordable. It helps you reach your financial goals. It does all of the hard work for you. All you need to do is click here to get started. Sorry pizza oven.



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