Our most popular articles from 2018

With 2019 just around the corner, we thought it would be a good time to reflect back on 2018 and look at some of our greatest hits from the past year.

So without further ado (and in no particular order) Clover presents our most popular articles of 2018:

Why should I pay Clover a fee?

Our fees are some of the lowest in the industry and we truly believe our customers get great value for money. You be the judge.

What is dollar-cost averaging?

Your rich aunt gives you $100,000 and you’re wondering if you should invest all of the cash at once, or just a little bit at a time? The latter is what’s known as dollar-cost averaging and it’s important that you understand how it works, because it can help to make you a more disciplined investor.

What are the best ways to use your tax refund?

Wondering what to do with that windfall from the ATO? Here at Clover, we’ve utilised some incredibly complex mathematical modelling to create our Happiness vs. Time formula, and applied it to some real-life examples. Prepare to be astounded!

Why more women need to be investing

From market research and speaking to our customers, we discovered that women know investing is a great way to grow their savings, but many feel that it’s out of their reach or too risky. Neither is true, and it’s vital for more women to start investing.

8 investing habits you can learn from tennis

Winning big sports tournaments like the Australian Open and succeeding in investing really are similar in many ways. Find out what Federer, Williams and Buffett all have in common.

5 biases that can make you a terrible investor

We’ve all got cognitive biases – they can distort our thinking and often result in us making poor and ill-informed decisions. Worst of all, these biases can lead to very bad investment choices. Learn how to nip them in the bud.

The Clover Investing 101 Guide

We created this investing guide for the average young Australian who has little to no investing knowledge. We’ll look under the hood of the investing world and provide you with the basics you’ll need to become an informed investor and make your money work hard for you.

Why financial news is making you anxious, impatient and poor

Our neolithic ancestors were hard-wired for a bias to action – “Grog, go kill that saber-toothed cat before it eats us.”

But in today’s world of instantaneous news, that bias to action in the face of danger could end up costing you a fortune. Time for the fine art of “tuning it out”.

We’d like to wish all of our customers (and readers) a very Merry Christmas, joyous holiday season, and the very best in 2019.

The Clover Team 🍀🎄


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