Don’t let volatility Trump your investment plans

Note: This post was originally published and sent to our clients on November 10, 2016, the day after Donald Trump was elected President. At that moment, global stock markets were falling, and many investors were panicking. We’re reposting now — unedited — our advice to hold through volatile times. Thankfully, the overwhelming majority of our customers did continue to hold their investments, and have been rewarded with significant growth since November 2016.

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5 ways the new Budget could affect you

Last night liberal treasurer Scott Morrison handed down the 2017/18 Budget. As Commonwealth Budgets go — and I’ve sat through my fair share over the past twenty years — it was remarkably uncontroversial, with many of the key initiatives being widely telegraphed in the weeks leading up to budget night.

We’ve combed through the papers and pulled the top 5 Budget announcements that we think our clients should know about.

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Meet Zhoe: The 25-year-old investor, adulting like a pro

At the young age of 25, Zhoe is adulting harder than most.

She works as a marketing manager (a job she loves), has clear life goals and her finances sorted. Like, really sorted. Zhoe saves 20% of her take-home pay, which is more than double what most Aussies save.

Zhoe started investing with Clover four months ago, and hasn’t missed a monthly deposit. We wanted to know the secret behind her approach to money.

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