Why doesn’t anyone want to talk about money?

awkward couple

Have you ever attended a dinner party where you covered all sorts of intimate topics from past relationships to your last blood test results, but then there were crickets once someone mentioned money, their difficulty with saving or the perilous state of their credit card debt?

We don’t bat an eyelid before sharing pictures of holidays we’ve been on or dishes we’ve enjoyed, but when it comes to personal finances most of us find it too uncomfortable to share.

Why is money such a taboo topic? We did some investigating.

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Why saving money is almost impossible for young Australians

In an age where one French pastry a week costs more than private health insurance, breakfast for two is steeper than a tank of petrol, and houses in metropolitan Australia cost more than an 84-acre island off Vanuatu, it’s almost impossible for young Australians to save money.

But why are we cracking open our piggy banks five years into our careers, only to find an expired HelloFresh voucher and a few stray bobby pins? Here’s why.

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The risks of investing in property


Rentvesting. It’s the new new thing. Buying an investment property while continuing to rent elsewhere.

Most do it with no intention of ever living in their purchase. For many it’s a way to hedge against ever rising property prices, in the hope that one day the sale of their investment property will provide a decent deposit for the home of their dreams.

There are benefits to getting on the property ladder for sure.  But property investing is not without its share of risks, and so if you’re considering taking the plunge you should make yourself aware of the key ones.

Here then are six risks you ought to consider when investing in property.

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10 things to cut from your budget


The beauty of budgeting is that it helps you realise when you’re making ridiculous impulse purchases at IKEA again, but what a lot of Australians don’t realise is that a bundle of that extra money you could be saving each month is disguised as ‘essential purchases’ in your budget.

Here are 10 ways to trim the fat from your budget this year and save a bucket load.

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