Active versus Index-Based Investing: which is better?

For as long as investing has existed in its modern form, there’s been an ongoing debate about what is the best investment philosophy. While there’s passionate opinions on each side of the fence, we think the obvious way to decide is to look at the data. Thankfully, there are studies that have looked at the results of more than 2,000 funds and compared these to historical outcomes. In this post, we’ll look at the evidence of both Active and Index-Based Investing, and share why we’re confident in our approach.

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The Holiday Reading Guide

Another year is drawing to a close. You’ve met some insane project deadlines, juggled a hectic working life with an equally hectic social life, and maybe burned the candle at both ends.

With the holidays close by, hopefully you’re finding ways to slow down. What better way to relax than with a great read, preferably under dappled sunlight. In today’s non-stop, round-the-clock existence, reading for pleasure is an indulgence.

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How a New Year’s Resolution completely changed the way I think about money

I never liked New Year’s resolutions. As a free-spirit, the idea of committing to one single goal for an entire year is NOT exciting. By mid-February, I’m usually bored, out of willpower, and looking for another adventure.

But twelve one-month long experimental resolutions? Now there’s an idea…

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